Let a real specialist take care of your archives

Archives Conseil provides:

  • its warehouse infrastructure,
  • a complete range of services,
  • a full flexibility,
  • competitive rates with no surprises.

A complete range of services

We help you right through the archiving process:

1. Supplying the containers required

2. Sorting and filing

3. Inventory

4. Placing boxes on pallets

5. Transport

6. Storage

7. Document consultation management

8. Destruction


The following are at your disposal:

  • 9 warehouse sites,
  • strategically located in Brussels and the surrounding area,
  • for a total of 40,250 m2 of archiving.

So your archives are always a stone’s throw away from your own offices.

Full flexibility

We start exactly where you stop. Your teams can carry out part of the work, for example placing documents in archiving boxes. We take over the rest of the job. What’s more, we provide you with free advice and immediate help for the start-up phase if you take care of the first steps of your archiving.

Competitive and transparent pricing

The fact that our team is small yet professional and specialised reduces our expenses, to your advantage. Moreover, we apply:

  • transparent pricing, tailored to the task: fixed à la carte prices with no surprises, according to the service offered (container, labour, transport, etc.),
  • with no unnecessary fees thanks to:
    • an archiving system which is intentionally simple but with tried and tested efficiency,
    • equipment which is not sophisticated but still effective and functional.

Simon Conseil

Your archives entrusted to a real specialist