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Why choose Archives Conseil for the archiving of your documents?

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100% secured

100% secured

40 years of experience

40 years of experience

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Your archives entrusted to a real specialist

With almost 40 years of experience, we prove that we are the authority when it comes to archiving documents. Leave the archiving of your personal and business documents to Archives-Conseil and

stop worrying about your archive. With Archives-Conseil you get:

  • A complete range of services
  • A solid storage infrastructure
  • Total flexibility
  • Competitive rates without surprises

A complete range of services

At Archives-Conseil we think it is important that we fully support you as a customer from start to finish. We therefore guide you through every step of the archiving process. This way you know what is about to happen and you won't be faced with any surprises. The process of archiving documents at Archives-Conseil goes as follows:

1. Delivery of the required containers: We deliver the containers in which the documents can be transported from your office to our storage location.

2. Sorting and classifying: We sort and classify all your documents in a logical way so that everything can be found quickly and easily.

3. Inventory: We make an inventory of all documents delivered. That way you quickly know which documents are in the archive.

4. Placing on pallets: We place the archive or documents on pallets for efficient transport.

5. Transport: We transport your archive from your office to our storage space and do this with the greatest care.

6. Storage: Your archive and documents are carefully stored in our own secure storage areas.

7. Management of the consultations: If your archive is to be consulted, we will also manage these consultations and we will keep everything up-to-date.

8. Destruction: If required, we are also responsible for the destruction of your archive or personal documents.


Do you have an archive at your office, but it is not secured? Trust us with your archives. We keep your important and confidential documents in our storage location with security. Your archive is safe in our hands. 

Our storage sites are not only secured, but also protected. Our storage locations are equipped with cameras. Your files are also stored under temperature and moisture control. This way the temperature will always be ideal for your archive and the documents will not be affected by moisture. Can you also say that about your archive room or basement?

At Archives-Conseil we have the necessary infrastructure to be able to offer you a customised service. 

We have:
  • 9 different storage sites Strategically located in Brussels and the surrounding area
  • A total of 40,250 m2 of storage space
  • Because we have 9 different storage spaces throughout Brussels, there is always an archive in the vicinity of your offices. In this way you can consult your own archive or documents quickly and regularly if desired.

Have you opted for secure archiving at Archives-Conseil, but do you no longer need your documents or archive over time? Even at the end, your archives can still contain information that is not intended for all eyes. In that case, we also guarantee a thorough and total destruction.

Full flexibility

Flexibility is something we think is important. We offer our service whenever you want. It is possible that your employees will be responsible for part of the work, for example packing the documents in boxes, and that we will continue to take on the work for you and your company.

Moreover, if you carry out the first steps of archiving yourself, we offer you free advice and direct assistance with the start-up.

Competitive and transparent pricing

    Our small but professional and specialised team reduces the total cost for you. This is of course advantageous for you and your company.

    Moreover, we assure you:
    • Transparent rates depending on the assignment: We work with a fixed price and without surprises. The prices are fixed according to the desired service (container, working hours, transport, etc.)
    • No unnecessary costs, thanks to:
      • A simple, but very efficient archiving system
      • Facilities without gadgets, but efficient and functional.

    Simon Conseil

    Your archives entrusted to a real specialist