Secure archive

Your archives are not optimally secured in your office

Do you have an archive at your office, but it is not secured? Trust us with your archives. We keep your important and confidential documents in our storage location with security. Your archive is safe in our hands. Our storage location is not only secured, but we also work in strict confidentiality: we respect professional secrecy.

Your archives totally secured
Our storage sites are not only secured, but also protected. Our storage locations are equipped with cameras. We also manage the consultations, so you always know who has consulted the archive. Your files are also stored under temperature and moisture control. This way the temperature will always be ideal for your archive and the documents will not be affected by moisture. Can you also say that about your archive room or basement?

Efficient destruction
Have you opted for secure archiving at Archives-Conseil, but do you no longer need your documents or archive over time? Even at the end, your archives can still contain information that is not intended for all eyes. In that case, we also guarantee a thorough and total destruction.

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Vos archives ne beneficient pas d’une sécurité optimale dans vos locaux