Archiving of documents

Looking for a way to archive your professional documents? Call on a professional and trusted partner: Archives-Conseil.

Why Archives Conseil?

Archives-Conseil advises you down to the smallest detail about archiving all kinds of documents. We are at your service with the solutions that best fit your situation and company. We offer you an efficient and secure way and service for archiving your documents.

We are based in Brussels and travel through Belgium (Brussels, Flemish Brabant and Walloon Brabant) to collect your documents, but we are also at your service in France, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Save time and space

We have various techniques for storing your documents physically or digitally. As a well-organised company, we offer our clients various archiving services:

  • Management of documents
  • Archiving of paper documents
  • Digital archiving
  • Management and storage of archives
  • Storage, classification and sorting of documents
  • And more

Do you need your documents? Then you can receive them quickly thanks to our courier service, with or without urgent delivery.

Contact us for a personalised offer or for any questions about the archiving of your documents.

Simon Conseil