Destruction of archive or confidential documents

Archives-Conseil is responsible for destroying important and confidential documents for SMEs, companies and individuals. We work for banks, insurance companies, architects, hospitals and law firms, among others. In short, companies that work with sensitive information.

Which documents do we destroy?

We have been destroying confidential and important papers and business documents for almost 40 years. We don't only do the destruction of paper documents, we also process other types of media, such as floppy disks, X-rays and CD-ROMs. We handle everything professionally and ensure that your documents or media are thoroughly destroyed.

Opt for certified and professional recycling and rely on Archives-Conseil.

How are documents destroyed?

At Archives-Conseil we work thoroughly with regard to the fragmentation of your documents. Our techniques reduce your confidential papers to extremely small pieces. The end product is approximately 30mm² in size, which is the same size as a pushpin. A different method of destruction applies to hard disks and other media, but here too we strive to reduce it to the smallest possible end product. Only physical destruction of such media guarantees that confidential information will actually be destroyed.

Type of destruction: P5

Cross-type cross-section (non-rectilinear) : 2 x 15mm

Output Size : ≤ à 30mm²

Destination after shredding: recycling

Contact us for a personalised offer or for any questions regarding the destruction of confidential documents.

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