Digitisation of documents

Archives-Conseil is at your service for digitising documents. This way you convert your archive into a digital archive and save time and space.

Why digitise your documents?

A paper archive at the office takes up a lot of space and is not always very organised and clear. There is also a chance that documents may get lost, for example due to a fire or theft. Therefore choose to digitize your documents.

As an experienced and competent company, we scan all types of documents, from traditional to confidential papers and from administration and invoices to personnel files. This way your data is available digitally at all times. Consult your documents when and where you want, thanks to the digitization of your paper documents.

What's the process of digitisation?

Digitizing is the conversion of paper documents into a digital file. At Archives-Conseil we work with professional scanners to transfer all your documents and files. This ensures that you have quality scans that are perfectly readable on your screen of your digital device and that are also easily shared with anyone you want.

All your paper documents are digitized quickly, easily and 100% securely. The paper documents that need to be digitized are prepared for digitization at Archives-Conseil. They are then all scanned and indexed. Of course we also carry out a strict quality check after the scanning to guarantee perfect readability of your documents. After this check, the digital documents are delivered back to the company on a carrier of your choice.

Contact us for a personalised offer or for any questions regarding the our document digitisation services.

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