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Recycling of computer equipment

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Destruction and recycling of computer and office equipment

As professional document processor, Archives-Conseil also offers you safe destruction and recycling of IT material.

Depending on your needs and material, we offer you the ideal solution for your IT and office equipment. Archives-Conseil specializes in the recycling of IT material and office material.

IT material includes things like hard drives, screens, printers, desktops, and more. But also smaller items such as accessories with USB connection, webcams, keyboards, computer mice, joysticks, game pads, USB sticks, CD-ROM drives, E-readers, iPads, tablets, CD-ROMs, DVDs, GSMs and smartphones, hubs, switchports, routers, modems and cables.

With office material we mean office items such as office chairs, desks, metal filing cabinets and other items that you have in your office. We also process different types of materials: wood, plastic, laminate, and more.

In short, at Archives-Conseil you are at the right place for:

  • IT material recycling: hard drives, screens, printers, etc.
  • Recycling and destruction of metal office equipment: furniture, etc.
  • Recycling of office material: wood, plastic, laminate, etc.
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Archiving documents

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Destruction of documents

Recycling of computer equipment

Recycling of computer equipment

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