Small archive supplies

In addition to cardboard archive boxes and sorting bins, you can also count on Archives-Conseil for smaller archive supplies. For example, we have a wide range of adhesive tapes to seal your cardboard archive boxes with and we can also provide you with the appropriate tape dispenser.

To facilitate your archiving process and to protect everything during your relocation or archiving, we have bubble wrap or bubble wrap and also transparent wrap film available.

View the options you have below and choose the solution that best suits your business. Are you unsure about what to use? Contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Bubble wrap

15 x 1m or 15 x 0.50m

To protect all your items when moving.

Adhesive tape:

50mm x 66m en 28 micron,

50mm x 66m en 50 micron.

Dispenser for adhesive tape:

50mm (with 1 free roll 50mm x 66m).

Transparent stretch film

Transparent plastic film

21 micron in 500mm x 300m reel

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